Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to provide honest, objective energy efficiency information and building performance services to our clients based on industry accepted building science.
The genesis of Amedank:
We evolved from a passion and fundamental belief that an energy conscious way of living and working is a good thing for all. We strive to contribute today and lay a foundation for future generations by providing practical, cost effective energy conservation solutions. Our long term vision is to be to be an active participant in developing a healthier, safer, sustainable economy and environment for all.
Amedank is a diagnostics and consulting company that focuses on energy and water conservation solutions for homes and small businesses. We recognize that regardless of where the source energy is being derived from, the lowest cost unit is the one not used - which is zero. That is why we focus on helping homeowners and businesses reduce energy and water consumption by using our expertise in conjunction with state of the art equipment and software to carefully analyze your specific situation.  As independent auditors we are an advocate for the consumer. Also, part of our analysis is client education on low cost, no cost methods of reducing overall household energy requirements prior to making larger capital investments in major mechanical appliances or renewable energy production systems. We thoroughly review our findings with you would be happy to offer guidance to help prioritize and develop a game plan to achieve your efficiency and comfort goals. In addition, we advise you of any known rebates, tax credits, and financing options available to help you complete your project. In every case, client safety, comfort, and return on investment are always the focal points of our work. 

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