Please Note:  Assessments can take from 1 to 4 hrs.  (depending on the size and characteristics of the structure). Services can only be performed when a  responsible party is in attendance. There is currently a 1 - 2  week lead time to schedule an audit and payment is expected at the time of service.
Basic Home Energy Analysis - $75.00*
     (1 hour maximum)
*Our most economical energy consultation service. It consists of a homeowner questionnaire and visual inspection of your home by a BPI Certified Building Analyst. During the walk-through, data will be collected and imported into a Dept.of Energy approved software program. The resulting report highlights savings opportunities, educational tools, and much, much more. Our Home Energy Analysis gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal on site feedback. Our experienced professionals also look for and point out potential trouble spots that can often times be missed with a do-it-yourself survey. This one-on-one approach may help confirm specific concerns you have about the overall energy usage, cost, and comfort level of your home. This service is a great tool for homeowners who are interested in learning more about their "house as a system" and ways to improve their level of energy efficiency. Please note that a Basic Energy Analysis does not include any diagnostic testing and is not a substitute for a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit & Assessment. If you have our Basic Home Energy Analysis done, we will apply the $75.00 fee towards our Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment if service is completed within 90 days.
Comprehensive Home Energy Audit  & Assessment -
$350.00 (up to 2000 sq. ft. home)
over 2000 sq.ft. add $10.00 for each addition 100 sq. ft.


  • Blower door air infiltration test
  • Walk through infrared camera inspection
  • Building envelope inspection including attic insulation
  • Initial duct Inspection (does not include duct leakage testing)
  • Combustion Appliance Zone - CAZ safety & inspection (if gas is present)–leak detection, carbon monoxide levels.
  • Detailed report and review of findings with client.
A thorough evaluation and  reporting package of energy use in a home. We utilize the diagnostic tools required to analyze what the eyes can’t see and the ability to locate whole house issues that when resolved will provide a more comfortable and energy efficient place to live. A well done audit can also reveal critical home health and safety information including potential moisture and condensation issues and hazards. Our final report provides the tools needed to make targeted, logical decisions on home energy improvements, including estimating the return on investment (ROI) of major improvements. We help you navigate the ever changing maze of finance options, rebates, incentives, and tax credits available for home performance and energy efficiency upgrades. In addition, our analysis offers suggestions on gathering low hanging "energy" fruit with low-cost, no cost ways to reduce consumption prior to making a larger capital investment.
Ductwork Leakage Testing and Evaluation. - (up to 2000 sq. ft. home)
$220.00 (separate)
$120.00 (when added to Comprehensive Home Energy Audit  & Assessment package -

over 2000 sq.ft. add $10.00 for each addition 100 sq. ft.
add $50.00 for ceilings over 9 ft.
($75.00 each additional system for multi-system homes) 
The results will show what percentage of air from your ductwork is being delivered to the registers where you need it.
Combustion Appliance Testing - $50.00 per appliance
This test uses specially designed equipment to determine the exhaust venting, combustion efficiency, Carbon monoxide level produced, and supply air of all natural gas/propane appliances located within the structure, which for a home could typically be the furnace, water heater, oven. The test will identify any dangerous conditions which exist, such as harmful combustion products being vented into the living space. Also included is a leakage test of all accessible natural gas/propane lines in the structure. A final report will be provided, detailing any areas of concern.
Builders and Home Performance Contractors -"Test in" - "Test out"(call for contractor pricing)
We provide contractor energy efficiency testing and verification services.
Multi-Family Comprehensive Home Energy Audit  & Assessment - Includes all the components of the single family audit. However , some elements will vary depending on configuration and layout of structure. Price is dependent on the size of the building. Call for details.
Small Commercial: up to 4000 sq. ft. (call for specific pricing).
Baseline commercial audit includes diagnosis with the blower door where safe and appropriate, and walk through with the infrared camera. A report with business specific information and suggested remediation measures is included.
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